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Friday, March 21, 2014

From mail room to regional vice president

By David Smith, guest blogger, corporate communications

George Rogers 2 mdGEICO was a magnet for a young George Rogers. The eager Bethesda, Md., native grew up just two miles from the corporate office, and he began sorting mail and hustling policy files as a part-time associate in 1969, while he was still in high school.

Rogers later moved into a full-time claims examiner job after starting college and was quick to embrace the company’s culture and its great potential. “I grew up wanting to be an oceanographer, but I realized early on that I was with a great company and loved the people I worked with.”

He never turned down an opportunity to learn, grow and share his experience. From regional liability director to assistant vice president for claims in Macon in 1993, he rose to become GEICO’s chief claims officer in 1997. Next came the regional vice presidency in Dallas in 2000, then Lakeland in 2002. He was elected to GEICO’s board of directors in 1997.

“My career advice,” Rogers said, “is to excel at every job opportunity you are given; maintain the attitude, drive and desire that others envy; and always continue to self-develop through both formal and experiential learning opportunities.”

In claims, he developed his analytical, decision-making and customer-service skills. As a systems manager, his planning and project-management talents were sharpened. ”From all my time in management, at every level and up through this day,” he said, “I have been blessed to be around great associates and GEICO leaders from whom I have learned so very much.”

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