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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Giving Tuesday, GEICO style: Recycled Ride eases single mother’s hardships

By guest blogger Michael Young, public relations

RecycledRideI hope you all survived this year’s post-Thanksgiving shopping bonanza. Maybe, like me, you even brought home a couple of sweet Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. But let’s toss aside the shopping for now and focus on what I call the crown jewel in this string of days: Giving Tuesday.

GEICO stepped up on Giving Tuesday (#GivingTuesday), providing a restored ride to a family in need in the Greater Seattle Area. This donation was made possible through our partnership with Recycled Rides, a program launched by the National Auto Body Council that completely restores totaled vehicles for families who are in dire need of reliable transportation.

Alicia Stout, a single mother of three children with special needs, received a fully refurbished 2010 Ford Edge from Recycled Rides at GEICO’s office in Renton, Washington. Stout, who until recently was homeless, often had to take up to seven buses in a day to go to work, buy groceries and take her kids to appointments.

Stout said receiving the Ford Edge was the best early Christmas present ever. “It’s unspeakable; I don’t have words,” she said of the generosity. “I just say thank you to God and everybody involved who helped to make it happen.”

I’m a relatively new GEICO associate, and it’s inspiring to see my employer work alongside other companies to make a profound impact in somebody’s life. It also reminds me not to take it for granted that I can pick up the keys, hop in the car and drive off on my merry way.

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