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Friday, February 6, 2015

GEICO tackles Super Sunday with an advertising blitz

Ickey Youtube bannerNo matter where you were on Sunday, Feb. 1, between the hours of 10 a.m. and 11 p.m. ET., a GEICO ad was running somewhere in America on television and online. Super Sunday, arguably the most popular media day for creative advertising in the country, provided GEICO with a unique opportunity to blitz the airwaves and the Internet with one of its most popular television ads.

With former Cincinnati Bengals running back Ickey Woods leading the charge, GEICO was able to make a big splash and raise its brand awareness across a diverse landscape of media platforms to reach millions of households across America.

The media blitz actually began on Thursday, Jan. 29, with two 30-second Ickey Woods commercials (Sandwich & Big Game ) running during two nationally televised NBA regular-season games on Turner Sports. On the same day, the Ickey commercials made the spotlight at the Pro Bowl on ESPN and during a women’s college basketball game on Fox Sports 1.

Fourteen Ickey Woods spots were featured on Saturday, Jan. 31, during a full-day lineup of nationally televised NCAA college basketball games on CBS, Fox and Fox Sports 1 and during two English Premier League soccer matches featured on NBC and NBC Sports Network.

And if you were left wanting more Ickey Woods on Super Sunday, GEICO upped the ante with a complete takeover of the airwaves on NBC (home of the big game). The ads featured a multitude of commercials from Ickey, hip-hop legends Salt & Pepa providing people with instructions on how to “Push It,” our favorite gambler Kenny Rogers subconsciously bluffing his poker buddies through song, and of course the loveable GEICO Camels being subjected to people yelling “Hump Day” even though it’s not Wednesday.

In addition to the 22 advertising spots on Super Sunday, 10 spot-market television ads ran in select cities between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m., on NBC. The ads featured Ickey’s “One on One ” commercial and “Rick ” the hilarious scapegoat causing havoc at his place of employment (a peanut butter factory). The spot market ads brought the total number of ads for the day to 32.

With unprecedented broadcast advertising dominating the airwaves, GEICO also hit the Internet with a barrage of Ickey Woods “Reflections” on its YouTube Channel. The company changed its YouTube masthead and banner artwork on its channel homepage to reflect the Ickey Woods advertising campaign.

After this, I would be willing to bet that everyone in the Lower 48, Alaska and Hawaii now know who Ickey Woods is. Now it’s time to get me some cold cuts – wooooooooo!

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