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Monday, March 23, 2015

GEICO More connects with customers

GMore Most people know GEICO for its commercials touting savings on car insurance, but the company is much more than affordable rates and lovable ad icons. Welcome to GEICO More, a new online branding and content hub designed to serve customer needs through insightful tips and inspirational storytelling.

Many people think insurance is a bland, impersonal subject, until they need it – then insurance becomes extremely personal. GEICO More tells related stories and provides useful tips about how insurance works and fits in your life, helping customers understand how these products are used to protect assets and provide peace of mind.

“We want our customers to get out there and enjoy life; that’s the point of having good insurance,” said Julia Dubner, creative services director. “GEICO More is a conduit, a meeting place, for customers to engage with aspects of the brand that interest them, and better understand how GEICO protects their lifestyles now and in the future.”

To put it simply, when you need to know more about GEICO, check out GEICO More .

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