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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Making seconds count: behind GEICO’s unskippable ads

You choose a video, and then – BAM– an ad pops up, blocking your immediate access to visual delight. What do you do?

Hover over “Skip” for 5, 4, 3, 2 … but wait! It’s already over! Phew. GEICO’s latest online ad campaign makes a dreaded pre-roll ad seem like a breath of fresh air, since the ad’s message is delivered right at the beginning; the rest is pure entertainment.

But what goes into making unskippable ads? The recipe calls for straight faces, suppressed laughter and impressive willpower! Here’s what you didn’t see behind the scenes and on set:

  • A custom remote-controlled vacuum cleaner was built for the Cleaning Crew ad enabling it to zip around and wreak havoc.

  • Bolt, the large and very hungry St. Bernard, had a body double in case he got fed up (pun intended) with the food takes. The stand-in, much to his chagrin, wasn’t needed.

  • Speaking of takes, Bolt starred in 15 in order to get the perfect shot. Beethoven would be proud. On the last take, Bolt just went after it, which resulted in the extended, and most popular, cut… and one happy hound. The knocked-over salad and spilled milk were all unplanned, but Bolt’s favorite snack was definitely the meatballs.

  • The high-five guys were suspended for 56 seconds in harnesses before the camera cut, all with the help of apple boxes. The longest they went without apple boxes was 24 seconds.

  • Aside from a few blinks here and there, the elevator business men were staring pros! We all know what a lengthy smile can do to your cheeks!

Check out all the Unskippable Ads on YouTube and tell us which one is your favorite!

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