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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Memory of the Month: Let’s play two!

softballEach month, we share an image from GEICO’s past and invite you to comment or exercise your caption-writing skills.

Be still, my heart. I’ve been playing softball for at least 35 years now, so scenes like these really appeal to me. Back in the day – and I’m guessing that day was around 1970 – teams of GEICO associates would take on other local company teams in various sports, including softball. And GEICO still supports its associates’ endeavors in softball and other sports, at the corporate headquarters and at other locations.

GBlackThese days, we have so many softball players at HQ that we have our own eight-team league, and if you go to the right park on a Monday evening, you’ll see many a GEICO-ite rounding first and heading for second, like the chap in the older photo here. But unlike in that picture, where all the players were men, you’ll also find women enjoying today’s coed league. In fact, that’s one of my teammates in the color photo, tagging out an opposing baserunner during the 2013 GEICO League playoff championship game.

We won the title that year.

And again last year.

Will we pull off the three-peat this year? Too soon to tell … but I like our chances!

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