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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Summer internships: Get your foot in our door

Summer InternsMany college students are still trying to track down the right internship; one that brings their studies to life and could possibly give them a career after they graduate. GEICO’s internship does just that: it offers hands-on experience and a look inside the insurance industry.

The best part is, if they perform well during the internship, our interns could be offered a full-time position that would start after they graduate. Who wouldn’t want an opportunity to work with the fastest-growing auto insurer in the U.S. AND also have a career waiting for them when they graduate?

If you’re intrigued, wait until you hear about the meaningful projects on which our interns get to work! They research insurance industry trends, analyze current business procedures, and propose new strategies for growing and retaining our business. They develop marketing plans, conduct competitive analyses and have the opportunity to present their final projects to senior management.

It’s not too late to apply; we’re accepting applications for interns in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Maryland and Virginia. Most of our internships are open for college juniors and seniors. Check out to learn more.

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