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Friday, June 12, 2015

Don’t get caught off guard this hurricane season

Hurricane Prep ArtworkKatrina. Andrew. Hugo. These are more than names for millions of people. Rather, they stand for the full wrath of Mother Nature in the form of a strong hurricane. Hurricane season is upon us, so now’s the time to prepare properly if you live near the coast. Taking these steps will make your life a lot easier should a hurricane hit.

  • Review your homeowner’s policy. Make sure you have adequate coverage and that you’re fully aware of the amount of your deductible. Consider buying flood insurance if you live in a flood-prone area. There is a 30-day waiting period for this coverage, so don’t procrastinate.
  • Create a document of everything that’s in your home and save it in an email or cloud-based storage. This way you’ll have it even if your computer gets destroyed, and it will lead to far less stress when filing a homeowner’s claim.
  • Map out an evacuation route in advance. This isn’t the time to experiment with the road less traveled.

If a hurricane is headed your way, we recommend taking these precautions:

  • Follow advice of local authorities. If they say evacuate, then evacuate. Don’t return until the authorities say it’s absolutely safe to do so.
  • Tie down or move outdoor items (grills, patio sets, etc.) so they don’t become projectiles in heavy winds.
  • Improve your trees’ wind resistance by removing dead/dying branches.
  • Install storm shutters on exterior windows or nail plywood to the frames just before the storm hits to better protect your home.

Most importantly, don’t be lulled into thinking the big storm is going to miss you. Last year might have been unusually quiet, but that doesn’t mean the trend will continue in 2015.

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