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Friday, June 19, 2015

GEICO’s a matching outfit

LAYCwCapOne of the things about GEICO I find most endearing is the company’s support of causes that are important to its employees. GEICO not only offers us the opportunity to give back to the community by joining its volunteer corps – GEICO Corporate Community Citizens (GCCC) – but also by matching our individual donations of at least $15 to our favorite local charitable organizations and causes dear to us.

Charitable matching is one of GEICO’s most significant benefits, as my colleague Jose Moris will tell you. A graduate of Hofstra University (New York), Jose works as a video producer/director at GEICO’s Washington, D.C., corporate headquarters. I recently spoke to him about his work with the Latin American Youth Center (LAYC) in D.C. Jose began volunteering shortly after moving to the D.C. area; he contributes his time, talents and cash to the LAYC.

“Growing up, my parents encouraged me to go to college but they didn’t know much about applying to college, “Jose recalled. “LAYC’s College Access Program helps kids in similar situations, and with more troubled backgrounds, with the college application process, pays their application fees and offers them an opportunity to take college classes and live on campus during the summer.”

Jose also presented LAYC with a contribution from GEICO’s Philanthropic Foundation in the amount of $10,000 to support LAYC’s programs that provide resources for homeless children and teens. The donation was awarded based on the LAYC’s positive impact on community, their good financial health and accountability, and Jose’s significant involvement in fundraising and volunteer recruitment of associates for LAYC activities as well as other GCCC auxiliary group activities at GEICO headquarters.

“GEICO’s contributions help support our work with homeless children and youth,” said LAYC President & CEO Lori Kaplan. “We use the funds to get them into safe and stable housing. We start there because if you don’t have a home, you can’t move on to the other pieces of your life. GEICO is the main sponsor for our Dance-a-Thon. The proceeds from that event fund short-term housing, long-term independent living and group home placement for Latino and African American youth, who for one reason or another can’t live at home or have aged out of the foster care system.”

GEICO not only matches Jose’s individual contributions to LAYC, but those of other GEICO associates who also support the LAYC. “It’s encouraging to them, when they realize that their $15 is actually $30, with the match,” Jose explained. “When I learned that I could also present LAYC to GEICO’s Philanthropic Foundation board for sponsorship, I was really excited; they seemed really enthusiastic as well. It’s nice that we as employees get an opportunity to direct some of GEICO’s Philanthropic contributions to our communities.”

Charitable matching: another great reason to work at GEICO. Apply today at Follow us on social media to learn more about GEICO’s Corporate Community Citizens and how #GEICOgivesback.

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