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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Blog Post: ELP Interviews

GEICO’s highly selective Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) is comprised of graduates from top schools and offers two distinct career tracks: Operations Management and Information Technology. I had the pleasure of speaking with two previous Emerging Leaders, Carolyn who went through GEICO’s Information Technology track and Anna who proceeded through the Operations Management track. Both have made an impact within GEICO are very well known for their work ethic and drive to succeed. Within this blog post, you will learn about their experience while in the Emerging Leaders Program and where they are now.

Carolyn photoCarolyn has been with GEICO for 4 ½ years and has a very fulfilling career path. During her time in the Emerging Leaders program Carolyn worked on many projects that customer’s use today including the iPad app, mobile app and mobile website. She also worked with the Team and made changes to the website using CMS, came up with requirements to implement new product initiatives with landing pages and internal pages and conducted research and analysis for building an enterprise customer-facing text messaging system. After she completed the EL program, Carolyn was a Lead Systems Analyst position on the GEICO Mobile team. After working on that team for a little over 6 months, she went to be a UX/UI Team Lead on the newly formed Digital Experience team, which is where she is today.

Anna PhotoAnna has been with GEICO for 8 ½ years and during her time in the Emerging Leaders Program she developed guidelines to make processes better, planned Warren Buffett’s visit to the Fredericksburg Office, created the CU Maryland Training Manual, Analyzed and reported the Associate Opinion Survey for all of the Fredericksburg Office and Created and supervised the 2007 Fredericksburg Summer Intern Program which received a 2008 Corporate Quality Award Nomination. After the Emerging Leaders Program she held a variety of positions including Claims Manager and TCR Manager in Virginia Beach, TCR2 Manager in San Diego and now she is in the Lakeland, FL office in her current role as the Liability Director. In her current position, she oversees 800 associates and a variety of claims, liability and theft departments.

After talking to Carolyn and Anna about their experience in the program, I dug a little deeper into their feelings toward the Emerging leaders Program and GEICO.

How did the program help you get to your current role?

Carolyn: “The EL program gave me the opportunity to network and build relationships with different members of management who helped mentor me while I was in the program and thereafter. It also provided me the opportunity to work in different departments to learn different technologies and team dynamics. The rotational aspect of the program is great to get a breadth of experience in the different departments and to build a strong network of resources.”

Would you recommend the Emerging Leaders Program to current college seniors?

Anna: “Absolutely, the insurance industry is one of the most stable industries to consider. GEICO is growing and we have a lot of potential for millennials and the young work force. The development is very special, you get assigned a mentor and you will understand all aspects of the position. The structure and mentoring is top notch”

If you knew a college senior that was debating on taking the Emerging Leaders Position or a different IT position at a different company, what would you say about the program to persuade them to come to GEICO?

Carolyn: “What I love the most about GEICO is all of the career growth and development opportunities available. GEICO’s organization is very flat and the culture is like one big family. The EL program gave me the opportunity to network and build relationships with different members of management who helped mentor me while I was in the program and thereafter. GEICO’s internal job posting provides myself and others with the opportunity and flexibility to work within the same company but in different positions.”

If you want to learn, be mentored and grow within a great company that offers many career paths, check out GEICO’s career site for more information.

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