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Thursday, July 16, 2015

GEICO interns fill some big shoes in San Diego

RedShoeFor many, the first step on the path to a successful career is a summer internship. And while some internships amount to little more than fetching coffee and making copies, that’s not the case with GEICO’s summer internship program. GEICO’s summer interns gain hands-on experience in business and insurance, and they also get the opportunity to get out into their communities to support local charitable causes.

GEICO’s interns in the company’s San Diego regional office recently did just that when they hit the streets for Red Shoe Day, a fundraiser supporting their local Ronald McDonald House. The interns were joined by the GEICO Gecko as they encouraged members of the community to donate their spare change into the size-14 red shoes of the charity’s famous namesake. After three hours of cheering and sign twirling, the group had raised close to $600 in donations.

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